About Us

About Us

“At Outdoor Skills and Thrills we strive to help grow a larger community of climbers and adventure seekers who are safe, skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate to share their love for the outdoors with others. Live your life to the fullest!”






Aric Fishman is a Dedicated Adventurer, the Founder of Outdoor Skills and Thrills Inc., is Certified by the Professional Climbing Guides Institute, and is always excited to share the incredible world of climbing with you!

If you’re a novice ready to learn the fundamentals and eager to enjoy the life-changing experience of climbing, an intermediate looking to improve your climbing skills on world-class routes, or an expert trying to find the hidden secrets, a first ascent, or the best climbs in Northwestern Ontario, join Outdoor Skills and Thrills for an unforgettable experience in one of the most up-and-coming climbing destinations in Canada!

Read About Our Objective

Aric has been instructing and guiding professionally in Canada for well over 15 years and is a very experienced, highly skilled Climbing guide and Wilderness Survival instructor. He founded Outdoor Skills and Thrills in Thunder Bay, Ontario as a way to provide adventure seekers with professional courses that teach safe climbing practices while provide exciting adventures in a thrilling and breathtaking environment. Not only an accomplished climber and guide, Aric is also the author of ‘Thunder Bay Climbing: A Guide to Northwestern Ontario’s Best Kept Secret‘, the latest comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for the region.


Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, big or small, young or old, the Outdoor Skills And Thrills team is always committed to providing a fun and challenging environment to anybody and everybody! You will always be guided by our certified & insured, professional, friendly and passionate guides through an exciting and enjoyable experience in the best rock and ice climbing areas around Thunder Bay.

Send us a message today to learn the skills and experience the thrills of climbing in Northwestern Ontario.

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