Sport/Lead Climbing Course

Learning to Lead – Sport Climbing Course

Have you had enough of top-roping? Keep looking at those bolts on the wall and wonder what it takes to clip them on lead? Our sport climbing course will prepare you with all of the necessary skills and knowledge you’ll need to lead climb safely outdoors. Compared to top-roping, lead climbing presents many more variables and dangers that a climber and belayer need to be aware of and experienced with to stay safe. It is crucial for a climber to properly learn and understand what is involved with safely leading, belaying, and rappelling a sport climb outdoors. This course is ideal for climbers who have never led before, gym climbers who have been looking to make the transition into the outside world, or beginning leaders/belayers who seek to refine their technique, skills, and safety knowledge!

In this course you will learn and practice:

  • The differences between top-roping and lead climbing
  • The gear involved with sport climbing
  • Objective hazards and subjective risks in sport climbing
  • Minimizing the potential dangers by looking at a variety of scenarios
  • Advanced belay techniques for lead climbing
  • Optimal body positioning
  • Methods for clipping bolts quickly and safely
  • Breaking strength of a different climbing material
  • How to properly attach yourself to an anchor
  • Fall factors
  • Lowering/rappelling from the top of the climb
  • Deciding when/how to bail from a sport climb
  • Mental techniques for lead climbing
  • Falling
  • Forces placed on anchor points and how they factor in
  • Energy conservation while climbing

Running Time: approx 6-8 Hours (including lunch break)

+ 2 Hour refresher available at a later day

Locations: Silver Harbour, Pass Lake

Cost: Private – $250

2-3 people – $200/person

Please inquire about our group rates!

Although you don’t specifically need any previous climbing training to take this course, you will be at an advantage if you come in to it already with an understanding of the basic knots, top rope belay technique, top rope anchors, and feel comfortable climbing 5.8 indoors or outdoors.

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