Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop – Rock and Ice Climbing

Many more businesses, organizations, teams, and groups are choosing unique and exciting team building/organized events. One of the up-and-coming ways to encourage cohesiveness is to have a climbing event where the primary goal is providing team building initiatives, exciting adventures, and physical exercise together.

Connect With Your Team And Bring Them Closer Together In A Way You Maybe Never Thought Was Possible!

Based on your goals for the day, the program can include elements of communication, listening skills, conflict resolution, trust building, confidence building, increasing motivation, stress reduction, creating roles, achieving goals, and building time management skills.

Learn the Fundamentals of Climbing

Have Fun While Developing Trust, Communication, And Teamwork!

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 “I personally have seen the incredible benefits that climbing brings to individuals and groups when guided by experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated instructors. This surely is a worthy experience for you and your team and I hope that you share this with others and consider us for your next event!” Aric Fishman – Founder and Director
  • All events are hosted by extremely experienced and motivated instructors
  • Get outside climbing and rappelling
  • Trust and bonding through learning climbing skills together
  • Problem solving games/activities
  • Confidence and trust building activities
  • Proven to increase teamwork, motivation, and team efficiency

Although we do highly recommend  either the half-day or full-day workshop for your team, this program can always be customized to suit the needs and time frame of your business, organization or group. We can as well provide single day or multi-day segments based on availability. 

The cost for our workshop essentially depends upon the number of participants who are reserved at least 2 weeks in advance, and the length of time you would like your event to run for:

Just a Taste (2 hours):
4-5 participants: $75 each
6-9 participants: $70 each
10-14 participants: $65 each
15-18 participants: $60 each
Half Day (4 hours):
4-5 participants: $125 each
6-9 participants: $120 each
10-14 participants: $115 each
15-18 participants: $110 each
Full Day (7-8 hours)
4-5 participants: $200 each
6-9 participants: $195 each
10-14 participants: $190 each
15-18 participants: $185 each

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