Top-Rope Anchors Course

Top Rope Anchor Building Course

Looking to gain the knowledge and experience to set up your own climbing anchors outdoors? Nervous to trust your own anchor setups or unsure how to build them to begin with? Our 1 day top rope anchor building course will teach you how to safely and efficiently build your own anchors while also covering rappelling techniques. Because there are so many variables when it comes to anchors, we strive to prepare you with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely build your own rock climbing anchors and to rappel back down to the ground in a variety of situations. Learning these skills will give you the confidence and freedom to take your climbing experience to the next level. You don’t even need to have your own equipment to take this course since we even provide all of the anchor materials and equipment needed for the day.

This course covers a wide range of scenarios with a focus on:

  • Setting up a top-rope anchor using bolts.
  • Setting up a top-rope anchor using natural features such as boulders or trees.
  • Using trad gear in top-rope setups
  • Webbing vs. slings vs. cord vs. rope
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different climbing materials and their uses
  • Equalizing your top-rope anchor with 2, 3, and 4 piece anchors
  • Advantages and disadvantages of pre-equalized vs. self-equalizing anchors
  • Rope management
  • How to rappel from the top of a climb
  • How to properly inspect your gear before/after use
  • Understanding about the forces applied on climbing equipment and anchor points

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Running Time: approx 6 Hours (including lunch break)

Locations: The Bluffs, Silver Harbour, Pass Lake

Cost:    Private – $200

               2-3 people – $150/person

Please inquire about our group rates!

Equipment Included: Harness, Helmet, Climbing Shoes, Personal Anchor System, ATC, Prussik Cord, Locking Carabiners, Webbing, Cordage, Slings, Ropes

Add-Ons Available:

Photo Collection of your Experience

Thunder Bay Climbing Guidebook (signed by author)

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Policy Details
To Complete Your Reservation: Each climber is required to fill out a Participant Information Sheet online. Full payment is required to complete your reservation. Program reservations are not complete until payment has been received. Once a booking is confirmed, we hold a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total cost of your outing.
Payment Details:  We accept Cash, Email money transfers, and Credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). If you need to pay by cash or e-transfer please fill out a Registration Form and let us know in the Questions/Comments section. Further details will be sent to you by e-mail.
Equipment Rental: The total cost of the trip includes the rental of all technical equipment needed for the outing: helmet, harness, rock shoes, ice axes, ice boots, crampons, and whatever else may be required for a specific course or adventure. Transportation however is not included, so you will need to arrange a way to and from the climbing spot. If you are open to carpooling let us know and we can try to help you arrange this with the other participants.
Waiver FormYou will be required to sign our waiver form before commencing the program. Participants under the age of 18 will need their parent/guardian’s permission to complete registration. Minors who show up for an adventure or course without a properly signed waiver by their parent or legal guardian will not be allowed to participate. If you do not have access to a printer prior to your booking, please let us know and your guide will have paper copies available upon your arrival.
Cancellation & Refund Policy: All program deposits are non-refundable, and the full amount becoming non-refundable 7 days prior to the booking. All requests for cancellations or date changes must be submitted in writing to Please notify us as soon as possible if you wish to make any date changes to your reservation. We reserve the right to cancel any program due to weather or route conditions, guide health, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the guide. In such cases, we are not responsible for expenses incurred by the client in connection with the trip such as airfare, car rental, equipment purchases, etc. If we cancel an outing prior to the trip date, every effort will be made to reschedule for another available date within the current season. By its very nature, climbing is an uncertain endeavor, and many factors can influence the outcome of a trip. Accordingly, once a trip begins, we are unable to offer refunds for weather related cancellations, or for trips that end prematurely due to weather, route conditions or circumstances within, or affecting, your group.
Health/Cancellation & Interruption Insurance: It is important to make sure that your current plan covers you in the case of an illness, accident, cancellation, or interruption prior to or during your trip; get extra coverage if necessary. In the case of a trip cancellation or interruption, we cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by the client in connection with the trip such as airfare, car rental, equipment purchases, etc.
Drugs and Alcohol: No alcohol or drug use is allowed on our programs. We have a zero tolerance policy and no climbing is ever permitted under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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