Trad(itional) Climbing Course

Trad(itional) Climbing Course

Have you been wanting to learn to how to lead climb using traditional gear? Are you nervous to trust your own gear placements or not quite sure how those stoppers and cams work to begin with? Wanting to get a better understanding of rock quality? Learning the art of trad climbing takes time to master, and lead guide Aric Fishman is extremely experienced, patient, and committed to providing you with the training you need to safely take your climbing to the next level. This course is designed for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of trad climbing and a look in to the world of crack climbing. This course is a comprehensive 2 day trad climbing program where you will:

  • Go over everything taught in the Sport/Lead Climbing Course
  • Learn about the different types of traditional gear
  • Understand and practice the fundamentals of gear placement and directions of pull
  • Learn about good and bad rock quality and how to identify ideal cracks for protection
  • How to make a safe anchors using traditional gear
  • Learn all about top-anchor techniques
  • Understand about the importance of belayer positioning for traditionally protected routes
  • Deciding on what gear to carry up a climb
  • Forces placed on anchor points and how they factor in
  • Breaking strength of a different climbing materials
  • A look at advanced knots
  • Learn and practice how to place protection while lead climbing
  • How to properly attach yourself to an anchor
  • How to belay your second to the top
  • How to remove gear from cracks as the second, even when they are seemingly ‘stuck’
  • Understanding about rope management and learning the tips and tricks of the trade
  • How to deal with stuck ropes
  • Practice and climb at your comfort level while getting expert advice from your guide
  • Trad climbing techniques that will help you climb more safely and efficiently
  • Understand how to ‘jam’ up a crack climb
  • Rappelling using single or double ropes
  • Developing your ‘lead climbing head’
  • Bailing off a trad climb

Running Time: 2 day course

Location: The Bluffs, Silver Harbour, Claghorn

 Cost: Private: $500

             2-3 people: $400/person

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