Thunder Bay Climbing Competition

Get Ready For Gravity Check!

Thunder Bay Outdoor Rock Climbing Competition & Shoe Demo Event 

Brought to you by: Outdoor Skills and Thrills, La Sportiva, The Wilderness Supply, Fresh Air Experience, Gear Up For the Outdoors, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company and Overhang Adventures.

Outdoor Skills and Thrills is proud to announce that we will be holding Thunder Bay’s first outdoor rock climbing competition on Saturday, October 17th : Gravity Check! This event is suitable for climbers of all skills levels from beginner to expert and is much more than just a climbing competition 😉 We have teamed up with La Sportiva for this event and are very excited to offer an awesome selection of climbing shoes for you to demo on the rock from 11am-3pm during this event (Demo shoes available: Futura, Genius, Wmn’s Solution, TC Pro)!!

LaSportiva Shoe Demo2

We will also be having a BBQ along with fun activities from 3pm-5pm.

Location: Silver Harbour!

Comp. Format -How It All Works:

Join a Category:




  • Beginner (up to 5.9 – top-ropers only)
  • Intermediate (up to 5.10+ – top ropers & lead climbing – sport/trad)
  • Open (5.11 and up – lead climbers only – sport/trad)







    • Beginner (up to 5.9 – top-ropers only)
    • Intermediate (up to 5.10+ – top ropers & lead climbing – sport/trad)
    • Open (5.11 and up – lead climbers only – sport/trad)


Sign up by filling out the Registration Form found below, and at the bottom of this page.

 You can also simply head in to ‘The Wilderness Supply’ at 244 Pearl St. or ‘Fresh Air’ at their new location at 710 Balmoral St. to register (just fill out your name, email, category, and have $20 cash before Fri Oct 16th; we will then send you an info pack with all the details).

Early-bird registration is $20 (before Oct 16th), or $30 on the day of the event. All the proceeds from this event will be used towards climbing initiatives like the New Route Development Fund.


Gravity Check – Registration Form – Sat, Oct 17th

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Gravity Check - Sat, Oct 17th - Registration Form

Competition Logistics:

  • You and your partner(s) will have 4 hours to climb as many routes as you would like while keeping track of the ones you’ve completed on the scorecard provided.
  • Your TOP 5 routes will be counted towards your final score (you must have 2 witnesses sign your scorecard for each route completed).
  • Forget keeping track of the number of falls since this isn’t a bouldering comp. Points will only be awarded for onsights/flashed/redpoints – so if you peel off while climbing you should either restart the route and try again, continue climbing up to rehearse the moves for the next redpoint attempt, or continue on to another to climb.
    • Onsight: You completed a route without falling on the first try that you’ve never attempted before and having no prior knowledge/information of the route.
    • Flashed: You completed a route without falling on the first try that you’ve never attempted before but you have some knowledge/information of the route (i.e. having watched someone climb it before or getting route beta from someone who is familiar with the line).
    • Redpoint: You completed a route without falling but have attempted it at least once before.
  • After you complete your Registration and your information is confirmed you will be sent the ‘Gravity Check Information Package‘.

  • Before the comp. begins we will go over all the rules, give you time to grab a pair of LaSportiva shoes, pocket your scorecard, and then get your climb on from 11am to 3pm! Submit your scorecard at the end of the event before the final cut-off time (3:30pm)

  • Leave No Trace – All climbing teams will be given a small garbage bag to collect any litter you notice throughout the day. Bring back your bag filled with trash and you will get a free free raffle ticket and automatically entered to win a prize!
  • Outdoor Skills And Thrills volunteers will be floating around each of main areas during the event if you need an extra witness or any assistance.
  • There will be a number of ropes already pre-rigged on top-rope for climbers in the Beginner category. Anyone in this category who will belaying must pass a top-rope belay test prior to competing in this event.
  • Intermediate/Advanced lead climbers must use their own equipment and be knowledgeable and well experienced with safe lead climbing practices. All Intermediate/Advanced climbers must pass a lead climbing/belay test prior to competing in this event.
  • Top rope tests will take place from 9:00am-9:50am;
  • Lead climbing tests will take place from 10:00am – 10:50am.
  • At the base of each climb that is “in” you will find a small container with basic route info enclosed (route number, name, grade).
  • You can climb any route you would like, however if you onsight/flash/redpoint too many outside of your category you may be bumped up.
  • It is assumed that climbers in the Beginner category do not necessarily have the required gear or experience to set up their own climbs – Beginners will be required to climb only the routes designated as ‘beginner lines’ which will be pre-rigged with a top rope. Belay devices however are not included but can be purchased from The Wilderness Supply beforehand or during the event. Learn how to use your new belay device at one of the upcoming Outdoor Skills And Thrills ‘Beginners Climbing Clinic’ (Sept 20th,Oct 10th, Oct 11th, Oct 13th, & Oct 16th
  • Participants will be able to demo LaSportiva climbing shoes for free during this event! Try out the Futura, Genius, Women’s Solution, and TC Pro!! Visit their website at for more about their awesome product line of footwear!
  • Some equipment is available to rent from Outdoor Skills And Thrills if you do not have your own: Helmets, Harnesses, Climbing Shoes, Chalk Bags. Please let us know what you have/need when filling out the Registration Form below (limited supply).
  • Equipment will be available for purchase at the event from The Wilderness Supply: Helmets, Harnesses, Climbing Shoes, Ropes, Chalk Bags/Chalk, Belay Devices, Carabiners, Quickdraws, Anchor Materials, and more! Visit them beforehand at 244 Pearl St.
  • All personal gear must be inspected by Aric Fishman before the event begins.
  • HELMETS must be worn by participants at all times during this event – if you’re caught without a helmet on you will be immediately disqualified, no exceptions.
  • Waiver form must be signed prior to start of the event. climbers under 18 yrs of age will need to have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Payment details and waiver will be sent to your e-mail after your registration has been confirmed. We accept cash, credit, and e-mail money transfer.
  • The 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners of each category will be announced and prizes awarded at 4pm during the BBQ, slacklining, and other fun stuff going on from 3pm-5pm 🙂

Come crush some awesome routes, test yourself against the rest, enjoy hanging out at the cliff with a friends, or just come to cheer each other on! You can also register for this even to just demo some wicked La Sportiva shoes on the rock and enjoy the activities afterwards.

Gravity Check – Registration Form – Sat, Oct 17th

Fields marked with a * are required

Gravity Check - Sat, Oct 17th - Registration Form

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