Photo Collection of Your Experience


Photo Collection of your Adventure

At Outdoor Skills And Thrills we don’t only take you on epic adventures that you’ll never forget – we also take incredible and unique photos of your experience that you can look back at for years to come! Looking for your next epic profile picture? Or a unique album to share with you friends and family? Get your own personalized photo collection of the adventure/course in digital format and you won’t be disappointed. $25/climber/album.

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Get a personalized high quality Photo Collection of your
adventure with Outdoor Skills And Thrills!
At Outdoor Skills And Thrills we don’t only take participants on epic adventures, we also offer a photo collection of their experience captured by our professional climbing photographer(s). We cannot guarantee a specific number of photos that you will receive as it is dependent on a number of variables, but if you added on this feature you can expect to receive an average of 10-25 high quality unique photos put together in a collection and sent to you by e-mail.